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The Teamployer Retirement Plan offers a scalable and turnkey solution for you and your employees.

The Teamployer Retirement Plan is user-friendly and has the tools you will need as an operator, as well as the tools your employees will need to confidently save for their futures.

With a full technology suite and services, including investment advisory and management fiduciary protection by intellicents investment solutions, inc., acting as a 3(21) and 3(38) advisor, you will have a dedicated support team, web and app-based interaction, no annual audit, and a plan that enables cannabis companies to offer a scalable, and compliant solution for their employees.

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The benefits of using a multiple employer plan (MEP):

No minimum balance is required (great for small and mid-sized businesses)
Teamployer conducts the yearly audit, so you do not have to (around a $10,000 cost savings)
Teamployer employee fees are based on employees who hold a balance, not the total employee count
Outsourcing of duties and responsibilities
Leverage the plan’s scale by pooling resources to get investment qualifications based on total MEP assets
Fee breakpoints are based on total MEP assets/participant (bring your friends!)
ACH automatically pulls contributions to your plan instead of having to manually wire funds

Teamployer Retirement Plan gives your employees access to:

A fiduciary advisor to help them with their financial needs
A dedicated support team to help with any issues
Participant education and advice both online and with a dedicated team
A managed account solution that provides participants with a personalized investment allocation
A foundational financial planning program for all participants

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