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7 Features to Look for in Cannabis HR Software

Admin 10/27/21 10:30 AM
7 Features to Look for in Cannabis HR Software graphic

As a small cannabusiness owner, you're constantly looking for ways to streamline your processes and increase your productivity without busting your budget. One of the most effective ways to do this is by outsourcing HR tasks. You can do that by partnering with a provider who gives you access to their human resources information software (HRIS).

The right HRIS can help streamline your processes through automation and improved efficiency. Your in-house HR team, whether that's just you or several HR employees, can shift their focus to more important tasks that ultimately help your business grow and thrive.

Improve Your HR With Cannabis Software

As the cannabis industry expands, more and more services targeted to cannabusiness owners pop up. There are many software solutions that can benefit your business, from seed-to-sale tracking to point-of-sale software. HRIS is one of those pieces that's crucial for a growing cannabusiness to adopt.

Cannabis HR is different. You deserve a partner that understands that and can help guide you through the complexities you face as a cannabusiness owner.

7 Features to Identify in Your HRIS

The right HRIS can help your company by taking away manual processes and improving your company culture. Here are some of the most important features you need in an HRIS.

1. Talent Acquisition

Crucial for any cannabusiness to nail, talent acquisition presents unique challenges in this industry. Turnover in the cannabis industry averages around 50% for employees within their first 60 days. Any steps you can take to reduce that turnover will not only help employee morale but also reduce your costs to hire. 

Using career portals, applicant screening questions, and applicant tracking systems can help you simplify the process. Each of these items should be available to you within a good HRIS.

2. Payroll Processing

Nearly half of all American workers live paycheck to paycheck. If your company makes a payroll mistake, not only could you face government fines and penalties, but you could inadvertently put your employees in financial hardship. With a good HRIS, you can ensure you're running payroll correctly and on time, every time, and avoiding common cannabis bookkeeping mistakes.

Making sure payroll is accurate gives your employees confidence that your business is secure. When they feel secure and receive accurate and regular paychecks, they are more likely to remain loyal, increasing your retention rate and your employee engagement.

3. Performance Management

An often overlooked component of HRIS is performance management. Having a robust performance management system is crucial for tracking employee performance, establishing goals, and assessing results so you can improve your cannabusiness and continue to grow.

Performance management is not easy, and it is very time-consuming. With an HRIS guiding you and ensuring that your performance management system and processes are fair and compliant, you can uncover any weak areas and make improvements before they become substantial issues.

4. Self-Service

With a best-in-class HRIS, your employees can also use the system — it's not just for HR administration purposes. Your employees can request time off, see their paystubs, and make changes to their benefits all within the HRIS, freeing up your time and giving employees more control.

When your employees have quick and easy access to their documentation and their paystubs, they feel more comfortable that their data is secure and always at their fingertips. Providing this easy access is expected by today's workforce, so if you're not providing this, employees may be more disconnected.

5. Benefit Enrollment

As part of the employee self-service component to your HRIS, employees can enroll in benefits and make changes to their benefits during a qualifying life event or open enrollment. Not only does this put the onus on employees to manage their benefits, but it also lets them have access to it whenever they need it instead of asking you for help to pull their file.

Using your HRIS for benefits enrollment also ensures compliance. Especially in the cannabis industry, compliance issues can quickly become a serious problem. But with the right HRIS helping you, your company can make sure that your benefits are compliant.

6. Real-Time Reporting

A good HRIS must have robust real-time reporting capabilities. Your business requires accurate data to run effectively and efficiently. If you don't have real-time reporting, you cannot accurately guide your company. It's vital that you have real-time reporting in many different fields, including:

  • Tax administration
  • Tax reporting
  • Payroll reporting
  • New hire reporting
  • Performance management
  • Benefits administration

7. Company Resources

Your HRIS should house your company documents and resources. You should have a robust company handbook that explains every policy and procedure unique to your company. You will also need compliance documents, especially in the cannabis industry. Employees need to be able to quickly find processes so they know they're not only following your company policy but also following regulations set forth for the cannabis industry.

Employees should be given the ability to locate these resources quickly and without bothering you for help to find them. With a proper HRIS, you can ensure your employees have quick and easy access to everything they need.

Teamployer Is the Solution You Seek

As a cannabusiness owner, it's not a bad thing to admit that you need to move some items off your plate. A stellar HRIS can help.

Your goal is to ensure that you have trusted employees who stick around. The right HRIS can help you reduce your employee turnover and keep your employees engaged. Through automation and easy access, you can reduce your dependence on manual tasks while letting your employees have access to their important documentation.

Cannabis companies have enough headaches to deal with — make your life just a little bit easier by partnering with Teamployer and using an HRIS designed for a cannabusiness like yours. Contact Teamployer today to learn more about HRIS and how we can help you thrive.