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Get On Board With Streamlined Cannabis Offboarding

Admin 10/19/22 1:43 PM

Cannabis operators face many challenges when it comes to employee retention and turnover. Many companies are saying farewell to employees just as fast as they are welcoming new employees. It’s never easy when an employee parts ways with your company, regardless of the reason. With HR juggling many tasks, sometimes the departure process is overlooked, even though it’s a significant part of the employee lifecycle. A streamlined off-boarding process gives former employees a positive experience, while also protecting your company.

What to Consider:

  • Legal Obligations- State laws dictate when the departing employee is paid and which benefits continue, and for how long.
  • Transferring Work- Ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly, and critical functions don’t fall through the cracks.
  • A Change for Growth- Throughout the process, clean valuable insights to provide a better employee experience.
  • Return of Company Property- Identify and retrieve any items in the employee's position.
  • Create an Offboarding Check List- Ensure you deactivate access to all software, this would include, HRIS, POS, Inventory Software, Social Media logins, etc.

Benefits of Teamployer Off-Boarding:

  • Visualize Workflows—Keep track of your off-boarding from start to finish, making it easy for your team to track their accomplishments and the work ahead.
  • Gain Valuable Insights—Capture and store data throughout the process and analyze trends to support recruiting and retention efforts.
  • Automate Processes—Streamline administrative tasks, including collecting assets, terminating benefits and direct deposits, and enabling leave payout
  • Enable self-service—Allow employees to take control of their off-boarding tasks.

    Breakups are always hard, no matter the situation- stay on good terms with departing employees and protect your organization with a streamlined off-boarding process.