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Outsourced Human Resources (PEO) or a Dedicated Workforce System (HRIS)



PEO or HRIS: Which is best for your cannabusiness?

As you manage rapid scale in the complex cannabis industry, you’ve likely identified inefficiencies and even financial losses in your workforce processes. Whether this is due to lack of metrics, inflated departmental structures, or simply the recognition of dissatisfied employees and high turnover rates, it’s time to address the challenges and make a change.
Between outsourced HR (PEO) or a dedicated workforce system (HRIS), there are factors to consider before making a transition. It's important to review both options, align your strategy with your growth goals, and select a solution that will support your business in the long run.
In this guide, you'll learn:
  • What a PEO and HRIS is
  • Essential functions of a PEO and HRIS
  • Benefits of a PEO and HRIS to your business
  • What goals best align with either solution
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