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Introducing Employee Navigator Integration for Cannabis Companies

Admin 10/26/22 10:34 AM

Health benefits and payroll connectivity have always been sensitive topics for cannabis businesses and their insurance brokers. There are many factors that play into this, companies are partnering with brokers who are not shopping for the best plans that fit the needs of their employees, or cannabis companies have partnered with HR and payroll companies that have clunky benefit admin functionality, which leads to errors.


We have seen brokers configuring plans on Employee Navigator and Ease and in most instances having the HR team manually input the deductions into the payroll system due to the lack of integrations in cannabis-specific HCM solutions.

Through our technology partnership with ISolved not only do we offer a robust ben admin solution, but we also offer a turnkey integration directly into Employee Navigator. Employee Navigator’s benefits administration platform connects to the payroll system through bi-directional API integration to exchange data, eliminating errors.  

Say goodbye to...

  • Duel entry
  • Inaccurate data
  • Manually managing deductions 

...and enjoy

  • Demographic & deduction sync
  • Integration for all-sized groups
  • Real-time updates (within 90 seconds)

Other Partner Perks

  • Entry point for new hires
  • System of record for rehires
  • System of record for termination
  • Entry point for compensation
  • System of record for recurring deductions
  • Override deductions
  • ACA reporting
  • Instantly sync in real-time when changes are made

Click Here for more information about this integration.